Do you love the summer vibes and the autumn colors? This pack is what you need! I created this preset pack for Lightroom (version 4,5,6, and CC+ /.lrtemplate) based on warm tones and contrast; the earthy color palette of browns, greens and oranges will give to your photo a cozy warm style. If you like the vsco style you can’t miss this pack. This pack is recommended for: outdoor and indoor sessions portraits of families, kids, models weddings travel photography landscapes

The whole pack includes 10 PRESETS:

  • FMN is probably the preset that works better with every kind of photo and colors. I created also the same preset in other two versions: a warmer one with peachy brighter light, and a colder one with cyanotic lights.

Raw – FMN

FMN Cold Light – FMN Warm Light


  • FMN 1 FMN 2 and FMN 3 are based on warm tones and colors. 
FMN 3 warm is different from FMN 3 because it changes your temperature and it makes her warmer. I recommend to use the FMN 3 warm if you don’t have a photo with strong oranges/red.

Raw – FMN 1

Raw – FMN 2

Difference Between FMN 3 and FMN 3 warm

  • FMN 4 FMN 5 FMN 6 are based on cool tones and contrast. The colors are colder than the previous presets. This kind of editing is perfect for GREENS as you can see in the photos, so I recommend this 3 presets for your Outdoor shootings in the nature.

Raw – FMN 4

Raw – FMN 5

Raw – FMN 6


The Greens of every preset


N.B. THESE PRESETS DO NOT CHANGE THE EXPOSURE OR THE TEMPERATURE OF YOUR PHOTOS (except for FMN 3 warm that change your tempt.) so in this way you’ll keep the same exposure of your pics style. It should be remembered that Lightroom presets work better if your photos are well exposed with a good white balance and temperature. My presets are for both Raw and Jpg, but I recommend to work on the Raw files.

I’d gladly edit your raw images if you want to see how my presets work with your photos! Feel free to write me on !

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